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Explore the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder evidenced by 22 photos plus a Large Definition videoBy using a linear oscillator inside of the chronograph TAG Heuer reached a precision of 5/10'000th of a second.To achieve ultra-high frequencies in no way right before dreamed attainable TAG Heuer in early 2012 created a radical final decision: The R D staff commenced from the blank page, forgetting all they knew with regard to the classical hairspring and also the stability wheel. By using the mechanistic theory of Christian Huygens' remarkable accomplishment of 1657 the R D-team reinvented the mechanical watch regulation. The TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder works by using the 3-centuries-old Christiaan Huygens program: In place of a spiral shape in a classical hairspring, womens rolex watches it works by using a coupling blade/girder and excitatory blade/girder program dealing with a linear oscillator. The Mikrogirder process vibrates isochronously in a incredibly little angle, as opposed to a standard watch, which vibrates at an angle of around 320 degrees. The advantages are several. Inside a traditional spiral hairspring process, the influence of gravity due to mass is a dominant problem. With all the Mikrogirder, the issue no more exists . You can find no decline of amplitude and also the movement's frequency could be modulated on a pretty substantial spectrum of frequency with out overburdening the power provide. The end result can be a considerable boost in precision (division of your time) and performance (frequency precision and stability).The motion:339 componentsTotal diameter: 35 replica Breitling chrono avenger watches .8 mm (fifteen 3/4''')Overall top: seven.96mm46 jewels5/10'000th of the next chronograph function1 harmony wheel over the watch1 linear oscillator around the chronographAutomatic bi-directional rewinding movement42 several hours watch electric power reserve3 minutes chronograph electric power reserveIts frequency´s:watch: 28'800 A/h = four HzChronograph: one linear oscillator : 7'200'000 A/h = a thousand hertzWhat the thing is within the dial: garmin watch HoursMinutesCentral hand 5/10'000th of a second chronograph1/100th of a second chronograph at 3 o'clock, chronograph second at 12 o'clockPhotos taken together with the chronograph ON corum antonio calce new shareholder industry news watches 2675
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